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“How can we help?” — a question that marked the beginning of Chatrity.

2020 teaches us many important life lessons. From prioritising necessities to rethinking the way we live our lives. These lessons came at a high price, and many of us were not ready to pay for them.

Fellow Singaporeans retrenched, closing down their small businesses, unable to continue working in their various fields in the midst of the spread of COVID-19. Countless individuals are stretched to make ends meet, living day to day with the worry of putting enough food on the table.

As a small team, Call…

By: Natalie Wong


Photo from AFAR: Haji Lane, Singapore

Trying to quantify the inherent value of the arts, is an impossible feat. Imagine a society without music, without movies, without museums and libraries. A world that lacks avenues of expression, is a world that is stagnant and sterile. The arts are essential and entwined in every aspect of our lives: whether it’s the pursuit of knowledge, the catharsis of emotional release, or the purpose of sharing an ambiguous commentary from which everyone can take away their own ending. It illuminates our daily lives, enriching our emotional world.

Think about the pockets of human creativity you take…

By: Natalie Wong

Photo from Expat Living Singapore


Since our independence in 1965, we have been obsessed with how we should develop and define the Singaporean identity. For the longest time we have always asked: what does it mean, to be a Singaporean? It’s one that has underscored every decision our leaders have made for the nation, dominating discussions and binding every step we take towards progress by a common thread.

By Natalie Wong

Photo from Medium

Imagine this: you stayed up until 4 a.m. to rush something for a deadline, and you get up at 6 — a mere 2 hours later — to get ready for the day. Your head is clouded, your limbs are heavy, and there’s an invisible force keeping you pinned to the bed. You’re disoriented, floating above your physical body, and you want nothing more than to just spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing. That’s what having a mental illness can feel like, except that feeling persists throughout the entire day, almost every day.


By Natalie Wong

Photo from My Guide Singapore

For the longest time, humans have established that we are the dominant species on Earth, because of our sentience and intellect that have driven us to develop complex systems of governance, communication, transport et cetera, that no other species have been observed to. In the urban landscape, we are the keystone species by way of up-taking the role of ecosystem engineers.

However, in most of the natural ecosystems humans occupy, we are the invasive species. Humans consume resources across a broad spectrum of biomes without any significant competition — even if there is, it is quickly eliminated…

By Natalie Wong

GIF from USA Today’s FTW

For thousands of years, humans and animals have co-existed side by side, sharing special emotional connections. Our bonds with animals can be traced back to ancient empires like the Egyptians, who worshipped animals such as cats, crocodiles and jackals, as they believed that they were embodiments of the gods.

There is much zoology and psychology research out there that explains why we love animals: our instinct draws us to things that look vulnerable, triggering strong protective responses and anticipatory senses of reward and enjoyment. And it’s very possible that they react to us in the very same…

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