How did Chatrity Come About?

Chatrity Official
2 min readFeb 10, 2021

“How can we help?” — a question that marked the beginning of Chatrity.

2020 teaches us many important life lessons. From prioritising necessities to rethinking the way we live our lives. These lessons came at a high price, and many of us were not ready to pay for them.

Fellow Singaporeans retrenched, closing down their small businesses, unable to continue working in their various fields in the midst of the spread of COVID-19. Countless individuals are stretched to make ends meet, living day to day with the worry of putting enough food on the table.

As a small team, Call Levels is fortunate to be in a position to ponder a question like the above. Through these tough times, we stand in solidarity with those who need help, especially monetarily and have decided to drive our intentions with actions through Chatrity.

Regardless of how small a donation may be, we aim to provide a seamless and transparent donation experience. Allowing donors to know their small, yet significant gesture has helped which individual or campaign. No new app downloads required, let us begin our micro-donation journey with what we already have — our favourite messaging platform.

Working with limitations such as social distancing, Chatrity uses existing technology to pull us closer to one another, making giving in small ways part of everyday life possible. We deeply believe we are not the only one who wants to help, hence we embark on the journey to create something for anyone who shares the same heart. With that in mind, the making of Chatrity began.



Chatrity Official

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